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Complete Suite of Audio Essentials for Your Workspace

Let’s start with how you work and interact in a hybrid work arrangement. Whether you are in-office or working remotely from home, one thing's for sure—you will need to communicate with your co-workers, bosses, and clients—and you need to do that effectively.

Improve your productivity, look presentable and professional from where you’re calling, and be heard clearly by others. Our Work Solutions series of products are designed for use anywhere, with hassle-free and quick setups, so you’re ready to focus in seconds.

We help you cut through the noise, so you can focus on the work that matters.

With audio essentials ranging from webcams to wireless Bluetooth® earphones to USB microphones and desktop DACs, don’t you worry. We have got you covered for all your work desk necessities.

Sound Blaster JAM V2
Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p V2
Creative BT-W3

Look Professional

Always Look Your Best

Everyone knows that looks shouldn't matter that much, but it certainly does. Looking presentable and professional during for your weekly online roundtables keeps everyone focused on you, and allows you to lead the call with confidence.

Tips: To look better on video calls, make sure that your webcam is at your eye level, and that you’re in a well-lit room where there isn’t bright light behind you. Don’t like having your room as the backdrop? Apps like Zoom and Teams have a background feature that super imposes a background of your choice, or from its image gallery itself!

Creative Live! Cam Sync V3
2K QHD Webcam with 4X Digital Zoom for Video Calls

Be ready in an instant and be seen at your best in full HD clarity with our plug-and-play 2K QHD webcam that delivers remarkably detailed and smooth visuals.

Perfect for most types of use, the Creative Live! Cam Sync V3 features 4X digital zoom, so you can choose what goes into your video.

Show a lot of your background by choosing an optimally spaced zoom range for video calls that fits a group of four, or capture only yourself with a perfectly-framed head-to-shoulder view for one-on-one calls. Simply toggle between these zoom ranges by tapping on the zoom button.

It also comes with built-in microphones for natural-sounding voice pickups, and is equipped with the SmartComms Kit, a suite of smart communication features, designed to improve the way you communicate online.

Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p V2
Full HD Webcam with Auto Mute and Noise Cancellation for Video Calls

Make a strong impression during an important web conference, and connect with your loved ones more intimately with full HD video and improved call quality!

The Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p V2 is smaller than its predecessor and has been further enhanced with improved built-in microphones for better voice pick up that's more natural-sounding, and is equipped with our latest audio innovation—the SmartComms Kit, a suite of smart communication features which works in tandem with the integrated microphones on Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080p V2 to improve the way you communicate online.

Fix (or) Upgrade Your Computer Audio

For wireless Bluetooth® connection

Creative BT-W5
Smart Bluetooth® 5.3 Audio Transmitter with aptX Adaptive

For: Those who want a better wireless Bluetooth connection with their headphones

With our Creative BT-W5, this small plug-and play dongle fixes your faulty wireless Bluetooth connectivity and upgrades your wireless experience with low-latency, lag-free premium codecs like aptX™ Adaptive, aptX™ HD, and aptX™. Best part—it works perfect with your headphones for all those conference calls!

Creative BT-W4
Smart Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter

For: Those who own multiple Bluetooth devices and want better Bluetooth connection

Tired of Bluetooth connectivity issues or weird lip-sync lag when you’re on a wireless video call? They can be fixed.

Creative BT-W4 features aptX Adaptive that dynamically adjusts the bitrate according to your environment and usage. This means no random connection drops, no weird lag, and no user control needed.

It also comes with a convenient device switching function—so you can switch from your Bluetooth speakers to your headphones, and answer a call with just a button press.

For wired headsets and headphones

Sound Blaster PLAY! 3
Portable Audio Adapter

For: Folks with broken audio on their computer

If your PC audio, headphone jack, or even laptop’s built-in mic just stopped working, it doesn’t mean you need to drop another few hundred for a brand-new computer! This $20 (USD) upgrade solves your onboard audio malfunction and upgrades your audio quality at the same time! Primarily a USB DAC and Amp, the PLAY! 3 also boosts your audio volume while providing higher resolution audio over your default sound, and works perfectly for conference calls. All you need to do is to plug it into the USB-A port on your computer, connect it with your headphones, and you’re good to carry on.

Sound Blaster PLAY! 4
Portable Audio Adapter with Smart Communication Features

For: Folks who wants an easier way to communicate online during work calls

Like how the PLAY! 3 fixes your computer’s broken audio, the PLAY! 4 does that (just better), and is purposefully designed to simplify the way you communicate online with an all-new SmartComms Kit for Windows PC. Featuring a suite of smart communication features, the SmartComms Kit debuts VoiceDetect that automatically mutes and unmutes your mic during a call without you lifting a finger, as well as NoiseClean, a two-way noise cancellation feature that helps get rid of all static background noises (fans, vacuums, hair dryers) in your own environment as well as your co-workers’ on the other end!

Not only that, we've also kept it simple with a direct mic mute button to manually control your mic and a built-in EQ button with quick audio enhancements like Bass Boost for more impactful sound, and Dynamic that expands your soundstage—all accessible with a press of the button—for better sound and better communication.

Wireless Audio

The Walking Thinker

Do you think better while walking around at the same time? You’re certainly not alone. Don’t get restricted (creatively and physically) because you’re all wired up to your desktop during an online meeting! With some of our best wireless options, unleash your think tank and stay at the top of your productivity game.

Creative Zen Hybrid
Noise-cancelling Wireless Over-ear Headphones

Cancel up to 95% of your background noise and focus on your tasks at hand with Creative Zen Hybrid’s hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology. This pair of over-ear headphones also comes with a built-in noise-cancelling microphone for vocal clarity, and is a formidable force when used with ANC on—reduced noise on both you and your co-worker’s end—so you’ll be nothing if not productive.

With up to 27 hours of battery life even with ANC on (and 37 hours with ANC off), find your zen and your focus with Zen Hybrid.

Sound Blaster JAM V2
Wireless On-ear Headphones

With up to 22 hours of battery life and weighing less than 100g (3.5 oz), breeze through your work day and stay productive with premium Bluetooth audio with advanced audio codecs like aptX™ LL and aptX™ HD.

It comes with dual microphones and Qualcomm cVc 8.0 noise cancellation technology to handle any online conference professionally regardless of where you are. As a bonus, you can also access advanced communication features like auto-mute and two-way background noise cancellation in our SmartComms Kit on Creative app in wired mode!

This pair of on-ear headphones also features Multipoint connectivity to save you precious time without breaking your work flow—listen to music on your laptop and answer a call on your phone with the same headphones without having to waste time on reconnecting.

Aurvana Trio Wireless
Wireless Neckband Headphones

Hear and speak in high-definition! With the most premium aptX™ LL, aptX™ HD, and AAC audio codecs, Qualcomm’s Noise Cancellation mic technology, and up to 20 hours of battery life, you’re more than equipped for any high-stake online conferences.

The neckband is lightweight at just 40g (1.41 oz) and rests lightly on your shoulders—you'll be able to wear it throughout the long work day without feeling weighed down. Pair it up with foam ear tips to isolate yourself from noises to stay focused and in the zone, and deliver that well-prepared presentation that you’ll soon be rewarded for.

BONUS: It also supports Multipoint Connectivity so you can connect your phone and laptop at the same time, and switch easily between the two without having to reconnect. Talk about convenience!

Creative Outlier Air V2
True Wireless Headphones

The V2 is an improved version from its predecessor—Creative Outlier Air—with enhanced features for controls and voice call. The V2 sports a new intuitive touch controls for easier and comfortable commands, and is boosted with a total battery life of 34 hours at 12 hours per charge. It also features a built-in MEMs mic for better voice calls, and comes noise-isolation ear tips—perfect for use during indoor conference calls.

Creative Outlier Gold
True Wireless Headphones

If you constantly find yourself at different spots around the house (and not necessarily seated upright), you’ll appreciate these true wireless earbuds. They are lightweight, sits comfortably in your ear, and long-lasting at 13 hours per charge and 39 hours in total. Plus, the perfect combination of high-quality audio, noise-isolating ear tips, and built-in mic means you can make a quick video call any time of the day.

Creative Outlier Air
True Wireless Headphones

Lighter on the wallet for the budget conscious and sporting an understated metallic black, these earbuds fits perfectly with just about any personality. With similar features as the Creative Outlier Gold, the Outlier Air lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge at 30 hours in total.

Creative Outlier ONE V2
Wireless Behind-the-neck Headphones

Super wallet-friendly and comfortable, this pair of behind-the-neck earphones are perfect if you want to have them just hang around your neck occasionally, and pick them up when a call comes in. Plus, #stayfit with the set of secure fins and the IPX5-certified water-resistant rating that comes with it–great for your after-work exercise–because it is important to stay active to remain productive.

Better Conference Call for Pro Users

Be Heard Clearly

There’s nothing more annoying than muffled or distorted voice during an online call. Not only do you lose your audiences’ focus, you don’t get your point across effectively. Our USB microphone lets you communicate clearly with crystal clear clarity so you not only sound well-prepared, but professional too!

Creative Live! Mic M3
USB Microphone with Mic Mute Button

Our plug and play solution to improved voice clarity on your PC or Mac, Creative Live! Mic M3 features a direct mute / unmute button so you can react instantly (like muting your mic when a noisy neighbor starts drilling for no reason at all), and stay aware of your mic’s status with the LED indicator.

Set to Cardioid polar pattern to best capture your voice if you’re taking the call alone, or switch over to Omni pattern if you’re having a group call! This microphone works with popular conference apps like Zoom, Skype, Teams, and more!

And if you’ve a few gigs on the side or run your own streaming channel, you’ll be glad to know that Creative Live! Mic M3 supports real-time mic-monitoring and studio-quality recording of up to 24-bit / 96 kHz, so you’ll sound clear all the time.

Ditch Subpar Audio

Unhappy with the subpar audio or mic quality with your computer? The root issue to this lies in PC and Mac’s cheap built-in OEM audio boards that exist just to produce audio, without much regard for clarity, fidelity, and quality.

That’s where our plug and play external DACs and Amps come in. Each device is integrated with high-end components and audio technologies developed in-house by our R&D team (with over 3 decades of experience!) to keep your call quality clean and crystal clear. The best part—It’s not a one trick pony. Beyond your calls, these external solutions can transform the way you enjoy your music, movies, and games.

Sound Blaster X4
USB DAC and Amp with Smart Communication Features

Imbued with essential communication features—SmartComms Kit and CrystalVoice—for better, clearer, and fuss-free conversations that just flows. Automatically mute and unmute yourself without lifting a finger, remove static background noise from both ends of a call and echoes that go on a parroting loop, or even reduce the harsh tones of your built-in headset’s mic using our Microphone Equalizer—it’s all possible with Sound Blaster X4.

It doesn’t stop there: The Sound Blaster X4 is also packed with 7 I/O connectors, 3 surround sound technologies, up to 7.1 discrete and virtual multi-channel support, built-in headphone amplifier that drives headphones of up to 600Ω with ease, and customizable EQ modes for any types of content, compatible with all kinds of platforms.

Sound Blaster X3
Pristine Audio DAC and Amp

Capable of undeniably pristine audio, the Sound Blaster X3 is also the world’s first external multi-channel USB audio device to feature Super X-Fi®, our award-winning audio technology that is quite understated for WFH calls. With the spatialized effect of Super X-Fi, the expanded soundstage neutralizes the headphone fatigue that plagues long online meetings because of the enclosed in-your-head audio, to provide better absorption of chat dialogues during your call.

Plus, after office hours, it doubles up as a great audio device that upgrades the audio quality of all forms of media, including movies, music, and games. If you are particular about audio quality and you’re a multi-gadget user, you will be pleased with its compatibility across a multitude of devices and platforms.

Sound BlasterX G6
Audiophile-grade Gaming DAC and Amp

One of our most popular DACs with the gaming crowd, the Sound BlasterX G6 is also a great accessory to your WFH setup. Where it excels in clear and undisruptive communications in games via our audio technologies available through its software, the same applies to your conference calls! This Gaming DAC is a boon for both gaming and work, and is also equipped with the highest level of detail and fidelity you’ll find in similar DACs at 32-bit / 384 kHz. Work smart, play better.

Sound Blaster G3
Portable Gaming Audio DAC and Amp

Improve your conference call sound quality without breaking a sweat, or breaking the bank. Can’t hear your co-workers because the headphones audio is still too soft? Boost your headphones’ volume with the G3! Just plug, play, and hear better. Like its mightier counterpart in the same series, this no-frills DAC also doubles up as a great Gaming DAC that works great even for your PS4 and Nintendo Switch consoles!

And if you’re home (or have a private space), why not enjoy great audio?

WFH means you can finally blast your playlist as loud as you possibly want. Besides, these desktop speakers can be used for video calls and gaming, too!


Creative Pebble X Plus
2.1 Desktop Speakers with Compact Subwoofer and RGB Lighting

With a compact subwoofer and customizable RGB lighting, the Creative Pebble X Plus is packed with your favorite Pebble features, including expanded connectivity options. Elevate your desktop experience with richer acoustic audio and punchier bass.


Creative Pebble X
2.0 Desktop Speakers with RGB Lighting

Featuring a mesmerizing array of up to 16.8 million colors and six built-in presets, the Creative Pebble X takes Pebble aesthetics to new heights, delivering richer acoustic audio that completely immerses you.

Combined with your favorite Pebble features and an extensive range of connectivity options, it's the stylish addition your workspace needs to make a lasting impression.

For #aesthetics

Creative Pebble V3
2.0 Desktop Speakers

The perfect blend of form and function, Creative Pebble V3 is the latest installment in our best-selling Pebble speaker series that has garnered over 21k reviews on Amazon US. The newest in the series, the V3 features wireless Bluetooth 5.0 streaming and a single USB-C cable for audio and power delivery—this means less of wire mess and audibly louder, more powerful audio with no loss to quality.

Chic Minimalist

Creative Pebble V2
2.0 Desktop Speakers

Looks good and occupies minimal real estate on your desk, the spherical design of Creative Pebble V2 keeps any work space looking chic and modern. It also sports 45° elevated drivers that are specifically angled to place you in the audio sweet spot, so audio is directed straight to your ears for an immersive personal listening experience.


Creative T60
Compact Hi-Fi 2.0 Desktop Speakers with Clear Dialog and Surround by Sound Blaster and SmartComms Kit

Work hard and play harder! Communicate smarter with auto mic mute and two-way noise cancelling features without lifting a finger via our innovative SmartComms Kit, or sit back and get ready for an immersive experience with elevated movie features powered by Sound Blaster. You’ll also be pleased with how compatible the Creative T60 is with all your other devices with USB-C audio, Bluetooth 5.0, Headphones / Headset jack, microphone jack, and 3.5 mm AUX-in. The Creative T60 is feature-rich, and oh boy, do we mean it.

The Go-getter

Sound BlasterX Katana
2.1 Soundbar with Subwoofer

One of the sleekest, most formidable, high-performance soundbars to complement your home office, the Katana is a 2.1 sound system with an accompanying subwoofer. Expertly tuned with a 5-driver design and capable of delivering up to 7.1 virtual surround via USB (at 24-bit / 96 kHz no less!), its acoustics performance is impeccable. It comes with a plethora of connectivity options including Bluetooth and Optical-in, and you can also switch to your headsets instantly via the headphone jack for more privacy. Slim, compact, and comes without the messy wires of the normal desktop speakers, the Katana occupies less space with bigger sound than you’ll imagine.



Too much noise distractions while working from home or in the office? Invest in a lightweight headset that comes with an extended boom mic to pick up your voice over all the noise, and ensure you get heard clearly. They are also compact and light enough to be carried around, and fit seamlessly into your hybrid work environment!

Creative Chat USB
USB Headset with Swivel-to-mute Noise-cancelling Mic and SmartComms Kit

Weight: 206g / 7.26 oz;

Cable length: 2.1m / 6.9 ft

Struggling to find your way to mute or unmute yourself in a meeting? The swivel-to-mute function allows you to do exactly that just by flipping the extended boom mic up or down. If you are also finding yourself saying this one too many times—Hey, can you hear me?—the noise-cancelling boom mic, together with the built-in mic-monitoring feature, can certainly improve your situation. By filtering out unwanted noise and capturing your voice over other sounds, as well as allowing you to hear how loud you sound to others, you shouldn't ever be called out to "Please speak louder".

You can also enjoy a more hands-free and less disruptive online calls with SmartComms Kit. There are smart communication features like VoiceDetect that enables auto-mute through voice detection, and NoiseClean that provides two-way noise cancellation.

Whether it’s for professional conference calls or leisure, this USB-C on-ear headset is everything you need. Simply plug it into any USB-C-supported device and you’re good to go.

Creative Chat
3.5 mm Stereo Headset with Noise-cancellation Mic and Inline Remote Control

Weight: 192g / 6.77 oz;

Cable length: 2.1m / 6.9 ft

Be ready for calls in seconds! Creative Chat is an effortlessly simple and straightforward 3.5 mm stereo headset that works for all. Universally compatible with (almost) all your devices, from PC to smartphones, and most of the popular conference apps. You name it—Zoom, Teams, Skype and more—we got it!

Along with the 3.5 mm audio jack, the headset features a noise-cancelling condenser mic that allows you to speak and be heard without getting interrupted by background noises. That's not all, the headset has an inline remote control that brings greater convenience to you while on calls. You can easily mute and unmute yourself or adjust the volume with just a slide of the switch. As simple as it sounds.

Creative HS-720 V2
USB Headset with Noise-cancelling Mic and Mic Mute Button

Weight: 135g; 4.76 oz;

Cable length: 2m / 6.5 ft

The lightest of them all—even lighter than a standard can of coke—makes it the most portable to bring on your commute to the office and back home. Weighing only 135g, Creative HS-720 V2 is designed to rest comfortably and snuggly on your head and ears without weighing you down. Equipped with an extended noise-cancelling boom mic, it ensures that your voice gets picked up and heard clearly, while the mic-monitoring feature keeps you in check of how you sound to others.

When it comes to a business call where you need to shine, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. The headset features a direct mute and unmute button on the inline control of the headset’s cord, so you can handle your mute status with just a press of button. This is especially handy when you’re multitasking through the meeting.

It also has generic USB-A connectivity that allows you to connect the headset to any laptop or computer with a USB-A port––simply plug-and-play.