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Buy the Sound Blaster PLAY! 4 + Creative Chat Bundle

Sound Blaster PLAY! 4 + Creative Chat Bundle

Portable Plug-and-play Hi-res USB DAC for Conference Calls & 3.5 mm On-ear Headset with Noise-cancelling Mic


Sound Blaster PLAY! 4


Really, online communications shouldn't be this complicated. Sure, the pair of headphones that came bundled with your phone works. But does that make your online calls any easier?

A must-have for any work calls, the Sound Blaster PLAY! 4 is designed to solve your video call woes by simplifying the way you communicate. It debuts our newest SmartComms Kit, packed with an array of smart communication software features such as auto mute and two-way noise cancellation guaranteed to redefine your video call experience.

We've also made sure to uphold our ethos in delivering convenience and quality with a direct mic mute button, Bass Boost and Dynamic EQs, as well as an instant audio upgrade that surpasses the default audio on any of your devices.

Now, it's time to change the way you take your calls.


Communicate Smarter with Smartcomms Kit

Our SmartComms Kit was developed to fix one common issue for Windows users—to simplify the way we communicate online—via a suite of smart communication features. Why fuss over mute controls or get distracted by unwanted background noises when you should be focusing on what matters instead? Plus, it can be used with any headphones or headsets with microphone, including those that comes bundled* with your mobile phones.

*Do note that the compatibility of PLAY! 4 with the button functions of your headsets are dependent on the respective manufacturer's implementation.


Super Easy Setup

Plug it in, download, and go. The Sound Blaster PLAY! 4 lets you communicate smarter in 3 easy steps:

Plug in the Sound Blaster PLAY! 4 to your Windows PC via the USB-C port.

If your computer only has USB-A port, don't worry, we have also included a USB-C to USB-A converter for your use.

Download and install the Creative app onto your Windows PC.

For new users, start by creating an account with us.
For any existing users, you may sign in via any accounts you have with us, like your Creative store account, or other software accounts (e.g., Sound Blaster Command or Sound Blaster Connect).

Go to the SmartComms Kit module and make sure that it is switched on.


We have also summarized the features of the Sound Blaster PLAY! 4 and their feature compatibility across platforms in this table.

Bass Boost and Dynamic EQs
Mic Mute / Unmute Control
Audio Specs (24-bit / 192 kHz, 110 dB)
Creative app (SmartComms Kit, Acoustic Engine, CrystalVoice, Mixer)
Windows PC
PS4™ / PS5™
Nintendo Switch™
Android Phones^
iPads, Tablets

*Voice communications on Nintendo Switch via Sound Blaster PLAY! 4 is title dependent.

^The Sound Blaster PLAY! 4 has been designed to work with fully compliant USB-C Android phones, for example, the Google Pixel series. Some phones may display partial compatibility with the Sound Blaster PLAY! 4 because of the difference in their USB-C implementation from the Android standard, and may exhibit mic compatibility issues.

Creative Chat


The simple way to talk and listen, Creative Chat is a stereo headset that works on all operating systems and platforms via the standard 3.5 mm analog jack connection.

Compatible with most of the popular conference apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, the headset features a retractable noise-cancelling boom mic with a direct microphone mute switch, perfect for productive work calls.

When you're done with work, the Creative Chat is also tuned to deliver full and rich stereo audio for any media enjoyment—movies, music, and games alike.








Plug in and that's it. The Creative Chat is a simple and straightforward 3.5 mm stereo headset that just works. It's compatible with most of the popular conference call apps too, you name it—Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Cisco WebEx, Facebook Messenger, and Google Meet—fuss-free, and worry-free.

Connect to the 4-pole 3.5 mm analog jack on your PC, Mac, or even mobile devices, and be ready for your online calls in seconds.



Be heard without disruptions, from wherever you are. Creative Chat solves the issue of disruptive work calls in noisy environments, whether you're at home or in the office. With a passive noise-cancelling condenser microphone, your voice gets picked up over the surrounding noises and heard clearly by the callers on the other end. This keeps their focus on what you have to say and presents you as an effective communicator.

The built-in boom microphone is also retractable, so you can choose to lift it upwards to get it out of your way when you're not in a call, and back down for a video conference.



Quickly toggle the microphone switch to unmute yourself when it's your turn to speak. The convenient inline remote lets you mute and unmute yourself easily with just a slide of the switch, as well as instant volume adjustments on the volume control dial.

No more scrambling for that unmute button that's buried deep inside the conference app amongst the many tabs and screens anymore.


Gadget Guy

Remember that this is a DAC and an ADC – that means it can process sound both ways. Creative has taken the most common issues for video conference sound and made it extremely easy to find a cure. At the price, this is a great DAC, and a SmartComms app is a huge asset for working from home, online schooling, entertainment and more. If you don’t have Windows, it is still an excellent DAC that will improve how you sound.


Sound Blaster PLAY! 4 + Creative Chat Bundle


Think Computers

The Play! 4 is extremely easy to use, you basically just plug it in and you are good to go. Being that it is so small you can easily fit it in your pocket or laptop bag.

Sound Blaster PLAY! 4 + Creative Chat Bundle


Music | Photo | Life

Creative always delights me with new products that are multi-functional yet affordable. The Sound Blaster PLAY! 4 is an USB DAC supporting hi-res 24-bit 192kHz audio playback, improves mic performance with Smart Volume, SmartComms Kit, enhances audio experience with Acoustic Engine. For less than S$50, it is a useful addition to your tech arsenal for music listening, gaming, and communications.

4/5 Stars

Sound Blaster PLAY! 4 + Creative Chat Bundle


Customer Reviews

T. Liu

Simple headset for work and conference calls. Good sound quality.

P. M

Creative Chat's Plug n Play feature has saved my bacon many times when others have to restart their PCs in the office when they change desks for meetings etc but Creative Chat just works. Bought and gifted a few of them to others now.

T. Townsend

Creative have disrupted the value-premium headphone space with the Creative chat. These headphones have been a real surprise. I actually bought these for my son for gaming in Fortnight and Minecraft as their innovative sit-on instead of over-the-ear design makes them a perfect pit for a wider range of heads with an unprecedented comfort level for hours of play? How do I know this? Much to my son's annoyance I borrowed them once, only to be so surprised by the quality that I "borrow them" whenever he's not around - especially when he is at school and I'm working from home on Teams calls as the microphone quality is excellent too. Great work Creative!

A Closer Look

Package Contents

  • Sound Blaster PLAY! 4
    • Sound Blaster PLAY! 4
    • USB-C to USB-A Converter
    • SmartComms Kit Guide
    • Quick Start Leaflet
    • Warranty Leaflet
  • Creative Chat
    • 1 x Creative Chat 3.5 mm Stereo Headset
    • 1 x Quick Start Guide
    • 1 x Compliance Leaflet
    • 1 x Warranty Leaflet

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